"I'm working in a large company and we use PDF format widely to publish our manuals and catalogs electronically.
Before utilizing ParmisPDF I never thought I would see the day where I could free myself of Adobe Acrobat. ParmisPDF is amazing fast and easy to use. ParmisPDF Professional batch operation feature did its job perfectly. It performed a list of operations on our PDF documents nicely and much more easier and faster than Adobe Acrobat.
ParmisPDF presents a winning combination of functionality and value."
Annabel Claudel

"Just downloaded ParmisPDF and I wondered how you packed so much into the new version especially considering the small size of the application.
I switched to ParmisPDF when I found out ParmisPDF covers all our needs and can execute all operations with an amazing speed and great results."
Robert Medlin

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Bates Numbering PDF Documents

Bates Numbering is the process of placing Bates Numbers on a page. Many companies are still using Bates machines to stamp their documents, a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Bates Numbering is a method of indexing documents for easy identification and retrieval. Bates stamping PDF documents allows attorneys to keep track of large numbers of legal documents.

The first Bates Stamping machine was invented in 1892 by the Bates Manufacturing Company in NJ. It was advertised as the first automatic bates numbering machine ever to be created. Nearly all American law firms use Bates stamps, though this technology is becoming increasingly rare due to the rise in electronic (mostly in PDF format), rather than printed, material.


ParmisPDF is a fast, flexible and easy to use  tool that creates custom Bates Stamps and uses them to stamp PDF documents. ParmisPDF allows users to apply Bates numbers to one document or to a whole set of documents.

With ParmisPDF you can apply more than one Bates Numbering sequence to a single or multiple PDF documents. Document sets may also be given a unique set of numbers or any static text (as prefixes/suffix) which might include a set number, case number, or firm name.

Bates Numbering PDF Documents

ParmisPDF bates numbering tool creates custom bates stamps and you can control every aspect of the stamp's creation: the font and color, the background color, the stamp increments, the stamp placement and many others.

This flexible structure allows for accommodation of a wide variety of stamping specifications. You can add unlimited number of stamps per page and there is no limitation in number of stamp elements including static texts (suffix, prefix and etc), dynamic texts (variables like total page/bates, document pages/bates, page number, date/time and etc).


ParmisPDF Bates Numbering Features

Unlimited number of stamps per one page

Unlimited number of the stamp elements

Create multi line bates stamps

Dynamic stamps. Page number, Number of pages, Document name, Date, Time & etc.

Static Text Stamps

Numeric Stamps (Support Arabic Numbers)

Alphabetical Stamps

Roman Numerals Stamps (without limitation)

Custom positioning of the stamp

Rotating stamps

Stamp's background

Custom increments value (step)

Custom increments frequency (repeat)

Set starting value (step) of increments

Set minimum number of digits

Bates Stamp preview

Add multiple bates stamps with Batch/Command line

Process multiple PDF files with Batch/Command line

Set output location

Set output naming options

And much more features and options ...

Please click here to download the latest version of ParmisPDF.


ParmisPDF Awards:

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